About us

Soil Bioengineering SA was founded as a company operating in the environmental engineering and green architecture sector.
Thanks to the experience of the Turri Family, engaged in the design and execution of naturalistic engineering and environmental works for over 20 years, Soil Bioengineering SA acquires and consolidates over time the experience and expertise necessary for the execution of works such as:

  • Green on inclined walls, with upgrading of the slope’s stability and / or its reconstruction;
  • Green on a vertical wall, to cover the structure behind it in order to obtain a better visual impact;
  • Green roof, of any slope and dimension, with different methodologies in order to satisfy the client’s requests and / or construction needs;
  • Works for securing slopes even in suspension to load-bearing ropes

Today, the interaction of these systems of environmental processing and architectural methodologies constitutes an added value that represents the focus of Soil Bioengineering SA business activity.
The success of the company stems from the ability to support the customer, the designer and the works management in finding the solution of a need or of a problem, keeping the quality profile high, respecting time and budget.

At the forefront with the technological evolution of the construction and environmental maintenance systems, and made up of a dynamic and competent technical staff, Soil Bioengineering SA assures its interlocutors a constant contribution of value in all processes, from consultancy in the planning phase to the realization, even maintenance.
The company mission envisages the commitment of all staffs to carry out their business in line with four key rules:

  • technical excellence;
  • economic competitiveness;
  • diversification of applied methodologies;
  • constant maintenance in the after-sales service.

A constant dialogue with the Customers, a relationship of mutual trust and professional esteem, and the adoption of the most innovative realization techniques is the way we interpret our work.